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Superpremiumisation. Once you get over how to say it, you will start to see it all through the supermarket. It is the trend to very highly-priced products appearing where reasonably priced staples have traditionally dominated. In the humble milk category, you can buy a litre of Countdown milk for $2.51, or a litre of Lewis Road for $5.20. 2 litres of Tip Top ice cream will cost you $6.95, while…
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Customer-centricity is quickly becoming one of the most important factors to deliver on in 2021.
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Curiosity. It’s what separates great marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders apart from mediocrity. Curious business minds are centred on what their customers really want, what they feel, and what the quality of their experience is really like. Warts and all.  They want to know because in today’s world of hyper-competitive markets, over-supply, easy substitution, and constant disruption, you have to be on your game and true to what shoppers want…
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We're starting to have those conversations again. You know, the “What are you up to for the summer break?” type. The culturally correct kiwi answer to this question is, of course, something along the lines of a chance to get away to a beach, or maybe a lake, to reconnect with the family and the dog, get out in the boat if you like that sort of thing, paddleboards, ride…
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Marketing is easy.  What’s not easy? Producing good marketing.  Specifically, good content marketing.  As twenty-first century marketers, we celebrate the speed and agility of finding the insights we need. But at the same time, brands are coming to understand that most eBooks and infographics only add to the landfills of B2B information, requiring decision-makers to wade through a lot of un-targeted and unnecessary chatter. Often, creating roadblocks in the buyer journey. The rise…
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Unmet Needs are like the Holy Grail in marketing. Those two little words spell green field opportunities and untapped potential. But, the gloomy reality is, the realm of Unmet Needs is certainly desirable but is difficult and challenging. The reality is that most of us, most of the time live in a world of met needs, or even saturated needs in a flood of over-supply. Do we need another coconut water?…
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Uncover what really drives demand for your shoppers.
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Customer-centricity is quickly becoming one of the most important factors to deliver on in 2021.
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