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Shopper Vol 10

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Curiosity. It’s what separates great marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders apart from mediocrity. Curious business minds are centred on what their customers really want, what they feel, and what the quality of their experience is really like. Warts and all.  They want to know because in today’s world of hyper-competitive markets, over-supply, easy substitution, and constant disruption, you have to be on your game and true to what shoppers want…
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As they say, pressure makes diamonds. This should mean that there are lots of gems being made right now as we learn to cope with this ghastly virus. I hope so because in a few short week's lives have been lost, radical change has overwhelmed everyday life, most businesses are being challenged, and entire industries have been completely frozen. In times like these leaders really need to step up and…
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Covid-19 has pretty much turned the world upside down, grinding life as we know it to a halt and creating economic upheaval as never seen before. The global lockdown has brands scrambling to respond to their new realities, reworking their marketing while navigating the fine line between being helpful vs exploiting the situation Your email inboxes have most probably been bombarded through the last couple of weeks with updates from…
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All of a sudden, all payment surfaces are scary. Eftpos machines, ATM touchscreens, debit cards, POS terminals, and even our old friend - cold hard cash. For frequent shoppers, the use of these payment mechanisms has rapidly become the harbinger of fearmongering and suspicion as it has transitioned overnight from a harmless everyday function to a potential threat to our health. When going about our daily routine, many of us…
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From advertising budget cuts to customers watching their dollars, in a recent Marketing Association webinar, marketing guru Mark Ritson explored how marketers can deliver successful campaigns in a climate of uncertainty. Ritson reflected back on brands that delivered in similarly disruptive circumstances, alongside those that didn’t - providing viewers practical insights and applications to prevail and even discover opportunities to positively impact businesses of all sizes in the heat of…
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