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September 2017 Newsletter

Spring is here, my favourite blossoms are out and we can’t help but feel the end of the year finishing line is less distant. Offices all over New Zealand are planning for Christmas parties and families discussing Christmas day arrangements. Gift shopping is the conversation du jour*. When is it too early and is too late ever going to be? Are we subconsciously building our lists now off everything that pops into our inbox from OnceIt. With Lew being the father of the Christmas Shopper study you can be certain your content will be strategically sound. Go on and grab you a piece of the $6-billion Christmas-spend pie. Both Christmas and Kiwi Summer 2018 briefs have hit creative and the studio, we can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing and the cicadas singing.

Kind thoughts,

* Energi will be closing for the holidays on Friday 22 December and re-opening for business on Monday 8th January 2018.

Notes From the Retail Front Line.
September focused on the new phenomenon Groceraunts in the Energi thought leadership series ‘Notes from the retail front line’, by Lew Bentley. Featured monthly in FMCG Business magazine, the article on Groceraunts talks about the emerging trend driven by millennials who view supermarkets as a place for socialising. They are really happy to pull a pint of Craft Beer, purchase a half Chicken and Salad and enjoy dinner at the Supermarket. Read more.

The Modern Marketer, Featured in Marketing Magazine.
Damien Venuto, Editor of Marketing Magazine and winner of the Magazine Media Awards 2017 Supreme Editor of the Year award, interviewed both Lew and me in August and the article appeared in the September special Marketing Award edition. He reported on our belief that the modern marketer needs to plan for human behaviour becoming increasingly irrational in their path to purchase. Read more.

TVNZ Marketing Awards Energi Marketer of the Year
Congratulations to Douglas Swift judged by his peers as Marketing of the Year 2017 for his great work for the Automobile Association. He has smartened up a cardigan and slippers brand, as reported in the Marketing Magazine Award edition. Read more.

Luck of the Draw by Design
We know the value of a decent Shopper Marketing promotion so that is what we bought to the table for the build on our Sponsorship of the Energi Marketer of the Year. By placing coasters on the table inviting those to download our App, enter and go into the draw to win enter a $10,000 prize package of Strategic Planning with Lew we attracted the attention of some pretty savvy Marketers curious and interested in this space. Congratulations to the winner; they may well make it to onto the podium 2018.

Introducing our Intern
On September 6th we welcomed Capucine Millochau, an Advertising student from Dordonne, France. From a rural town on the outer rim of Paris, Capucine contacted Energi after searching out many New Zealand agencies as one that she would like to intern with. Within a week of arriving Capucine enjoyed her first formal function, her first experiential activation experience running the Invivo Lounge ensuring the guests participating had a memorable experience. From reaching out through the inbox in April to The Langham in Hotel in Auckland, proving we truly do live in an era of globalization.

Energi PR
Energi PR has officially opened for business. It has been in the planning since incorporating PR company Ruby Communications into Energi during 2016 and the benefits of including PR in a full communications strategy has been built into most recommendations. The Energi Gallery has had several soiree’s, media briefings and video productions and now it features a Power Plate. Working with Key Influencers and the mainstream media Energi PR is now live on beautydirectory.co.nz the PR portal for Beauty and Health, both of which intrinsic in women’s lives.

Shopper™ The Social Special Edition
If you haven’t had a chance to read the Shopper™ The Social Edition, do. There may be one or two nuggets within that inspire you to take a deeper engagement with your followers for those that do, win.

August 2017 Newsletter

Media Takeover!

The month of August was a milestone month for Energi. We debuted our Augmented Advertisement on the front cover of FMCG Business firmly establishing our digital strategy and execution nous. We published the findings of our Supermarket Shopping Study in FMCG Business and featured our voyage into the realm of AR in Supermarketing Magazine. I spent time with retail mogul and matriarch Ann Norman, owner of Farmers, Whitcoulls, James Pascoe and Stewart Dawsons. Energi became a card carrying member of beautydirectory.co.nz the B2B PR portal in preparation for some pending announcements in the health, beauty and well-being space. And finally, to blow off a bit of steam as a team, Energi attended the NZ Social Media Awards ‘party of the year’.

Kind thoughts,

FCMG Business Magazine Cover
Augmented Advertising is no longer in the future. It is here and now. With over 500 Downloads of the App and an average of 1.5 minutes engaging with the advertisement to date, we are thrilled that new ground has been broken for Energi. As specialists in shopper marketing, we can offer our clients a broader scope of work and a deeper customer experience.

Being a CoW
Co of Women is a networking group for entrepreneurial women. Founded 10 years ago by Tara Lorigan, recently awarded an MNZM for her services to women in business. As part of the CoW membership, each quarter we are invited to attend an immersive 3 hours with a living legend at EY. August featured Ann Norman. Wanting to make every post a winner, on arrival I introduced myself and Energi as a Shopper Marketing agency to Ann. Regaling insights from the Christmas Shopper Study Ann enthusiastically advised she profiled as per our segmentation as a “Santa”. She loves everything about Christmas! It is an imperative for her, not only for the sales generated by it but the family time of year. Christmas sales and the power of bringing people together is what makes her Christmas.

30 Years on? Gala!
We often receive briefs for Lock Up logos to celebrate milestones, so this month we were delighted to receive an invitation to the 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner of Good Health and Living Nature. Both great New Zealand trailblazers in their respective fields of well-being through health and healthy beauty. Keynotes from the heads of both companies toasting appreciation to the staff and customers, followed by an acrobatic troop performance that left us wincing in our chairs feeling our ages and consciously wanting to be able to bend in half as we had once upon a time. Sitting next to Nadia Lim made for a wonderful evening for me. Lew found himself next to a watch designer for Cartier who is an 8th generation family watch maker. As this young man pulled out of his pocket his phone to show Lew his recently designed watch with 200 handmade parts (which he had personally made), Lew pulled his own phone out of his pocket to show the young watchmaker the Energi Augmented Reality Advertisement. Serendipity. Two men and their machines. Time travellers together for one night only in the Auckland Museum.

Energi gives what it can, as it can. In addition to our OKE Charity and Play It Strange gifting program, sometimes to cheer up the telemarketing cold callers raising money for very worthy causes, we participate. No matter how big or small every contribution matters. So we sent a bouquet of Daffodils for a deserving patient in Auckland Hospital to brighten their day and motivate the telemarketer.

FMCG Business – August 2017
Lew Bentley, Energi Head of Planning and Insights has a series of articles ‘notes from the retail front line’ that appear monthly in FMCG Business magazine. The outcome of a survey we conducted recently formed the basis for the August article, ‘Love My Supermarket: Hate My Supermarket’. Click to read the article or email lew.bentley@energi.co.nz for a copy of the report.

July 2017 Newsletter

Holiday Season

July seemed to be the month for holidays! Both school holidays, and for those determined to escape New Zealand to build some personal memories, and reward for the hard yakka throughout the working year, good on you. It’s a big world out there and the bucket list long. Work life balance is essential. It makes better professionals with more interesting stories. So, it’s time to book in the Christmas holidays.

We closed out July by attending the Food Show, put on by the Awesome Event Company, at Greenlane event centre and boy did it deliver on the brand promise. It was an awesome event. On a community level, we are so proud and pleased to announce our sponsored club Rugby Team, the University of Auckland club team, The Vipers, won the Auckland Club Rugby Championship held at Eden Park Saturday afternoon against Suburbs. Congratulations Vipers. http://www.aurfc.co.nz/senior-rugby/premiers

Kind thoughts,

Augmented Reality – Energizing Business…
…is our elevator pitch. But how do we elevate the elevator pitch? What does that look like? What’s next? As a valued Energi client, currently active or hibernating, we are excited to invite you to download the EnergiApp from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The official launch of the app is in the August issue of FMCG Business Magazine, but we wanted to share this exclusive preview with you first.

Place your iPhone or Android Phone over the marker below and sit back and enjoy our definition of Energizing Business through our new AR customer experience engagement. If you are interested in exploring how AR can work in your world contact the legendary Melissa Ranaldi.

After downloading the App use an iPad or tablet on a flat surface to display the marker below, and interact with it using the app on your smartphone. If you do not have a second display you can print the marker on paper and view it through the app.

Delivering on Video
In the latest version of Shopper Magazine, we touched on the importance of punchy video content. To expand on our own capacity and deliver even better video content to our clients we have partnered with Genero. Our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and Genero’s industry leading cloud platform will enable us to produce video content worthy of attention.

Mitre 10 Expo 2017 – Stand of the Year
Our client Valspar was recently awarded the “Stand of the Year” award at the 2017 Mitre 10 Expo for the stand we created for them. We set out to create something well and truly beyond the standard “3 walls and some chairs” expo stand. The vision-become-reality was a stand that took you on a journey of Valspar’s products both inside and outside the home. If you want to understand more about our design service contact Hugo Venter.

FMCG Business – July 2017
Lew Bentley, Energi Head of Planning and Insights has a series of articles ‘notes from the retail front line’ that appear monthly in FMCG Business magazine. As an integral part of the Energi thought leadership program, July featured Sensible Food Shopping at Cheap Prices. Click to read.

March 2017 Newsletter

March was about Energi establishing itself as a member of the communities we exist in as professionals, as neighbours and as philanthropists. It is how we individually keep our eyes wide open and collectively, as a team, pull together and pool our resource to help those who are less able to.

With the financial year end upon us we have joined CAANZ, our industry community, so we look forward to using our voice at an industry level in FY2018.

Looking forward to the Easter break and wishing you all the best for your new financial year,


Community of Culture – Play It Strange – The Jam Bus
There are two ways in which we can help out those less fortunate than ourselves. One is with money and the other with sweat. Energi made a donation of $10,000 after attending a fundraiser for the Play It Strange program to bring awareness to the Jam Bus initiative. This will provide Jam Bus trips to 6 schools to record their budding musicians and produce a track of that child, band, or orchestra’s musical milestone in time.

Learn more about the Play It Strange – The Jam Bus.

Community at Grass Roots – OKE Charity
Oke, translated, is Maori for Oak. From the mighty oak tree an acorn falls, from the acorn, a mighty oak tree will grow. Oke, founded by Paul Dickson 5 years ago, raises funds for schools to institute growing their own vegetables. We provide #socialsweat for the cause by donating 4 hours of our Social Media Account Manager, Hugo Venter’s, time weekly. This resonates nicely with our core values, it is something we can all muck in with too as we will be in the first week of April with a Garden Build at Weymouth Primary.

Visit the OKE Charity website to learn more and find out how you too can get involved.

Community at Home
The Tasman Social Club was born from our taking up residence in the Tasman Building on Anzac Ave. The building is now fully populated with businesses and daily we walk by each other not really have an understanding of each other’s businesses and not knowing each other’s names. Most of the businesses fit into the Small-to-Medium category. We understand that world and the status of it, so it can pay to get to know each other. We created the Tasman Social Club as a platform to achieve just that and hosted the inaugural drinks and Toto Pizza party in early March. The best-laid plans of mice and men, however, had the camera take photo’s with no memory card! For those of you that know the Tasman building, you will know that the cupids hang above the entrance so this became the unifying device for the new networking social club.

Check out the Tasman Social Club on Facebook.

Community of Shopper Marketing
Lew Bentley, Head of Strategy and Planning, is currently attending the Path to Purchase Institute Annual Shopper Marketing Summit in NYC. As part of the summit, the annual Effie Shopper Marketing awards are on the agenda. As the NZ Advertising Effie Awards convenor of judges for the last 5 years, Lew is well placed to take a very strategic and analytical view of the winner’s campaigns and those that got close but no cigar. Upon his return, we have scheduled meetings and presentation for a deep dive into his insight and key learnings from this trip outside the box of everyday life. He has attended keynotes and workshops from which he has gathered the latest intel and IP on technology and innovations to bring back and incorporate into the strategies we know our clients desire from us as their Shopper Marketing specialists.

Call or email Lew to schedule a presentation for you and your team.

Community Management
We’ve ramped up our own social media efforts this month with the creation of the #socialcurrency series, acknowledgements to International Woman Day and week and the sharing of insights from Lew abroad on his travels. We hope you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if not, do! We are constantly finding ways of adding value through insight and information on trends and thought leadership you may find useful.

Shopper Volume 2 is out now! In this edition we look at Energi’s Christmas Shopper Study, what makes great packaging, navigating the murky waters of fake news, as well as show off some of our latest client creatives.

Click here to read or download a copy.