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January 2017 Newsletter

I hope you enjoyed your Auckland Anniversary long weekend for those in Auckland.

Well it is the last day of January and who would have imagined the first month would disappear as quickly as it has.

We commenced the Energi business year on Monday January 9 and simply have not had a backward glance.

In this newsletter we’ll share a couple of proactive initiatives we undertook with the team to unify us after the holidays and get our heads back in the game creating a fast start to 2017. We’ll also share our Chinese New Year, Year of the Fire Rooster soiree that bought our clients and suppliers together to kick off the Chinese Zodiac Luna festival. We also launch our Volume 1 of the latest Energi initiative, Shopper, a magazine which features highlights of our Christmas Shopper study for 2016. Both designed to deliver on our core values of Energizing business.

As we move forward this week, we have Waitangi weekend to look forward to. Our national celebration of becoming one nation with the long weekend, a time to feel gratitude for this amazing country we get to enjoy and spend time with friends and the ones we love. Next minute, it’s Valentines Day. Another spike in the retail calendar is looming. Have you purchased your card?

Kind thoughts,


Energising Business
Valspar has launched during the weekend the latest initiative to drive projects in the DIY sector #CHIAD #Changeinaday. The Energi team set about having some fun around this and walk the talk. Check out the video and the result:

Chinese New Year, Year of the Fire Rooster 2017
To kick off the Year of the Fire Rooster, we transformed the Energi Gallery designed with PR events in mind, into the Energi lantern garden and held a Cocktail function. Catering by Sachies Kitchen with the bar service serving Lychee Martini’s made for a perfect Energizing entrée into the year of the Fire Rooster. Check out the video:

To mark the Year of the Fire Rooster, we partnered with Pedro’s Bluff to produce a mini money pouch. Built off of the concept of the traditional lai see packet that is handed out by married couples to unmarried individuals during Chinese new Year. They are a symbol of good luck and detractor of evil spirits. The colour red has been embossed with gold to make these leather Mini Money Pouches. A bit of a twist on the usual design is on the sides which allow the owner to tip coins out and push them back in.

The year 2017 of the Fire Rooster is especially fortuitous, as Chinese astrologers predict that it will be one full of positive news and events, career progress, and profitable business. Roosters have been very important over the years, as they have been a healthy food source as well as a useful mascot as they wake people up at the crack of dawn and a eat crop-damaging insects on farmer’s properties and many continue doing so today.

Christmas Shopper Study 2016
Lew Bentley, Head of Strategy for Energi, designed a Christmas Shopper Study to enable us to gauge where the shoppers’ heads are at in this ever changing dynamic shopping marketplace we live in. The report is available to share with our clients.

The report looks into Christmas Shopping behaviour, attitudes, and influences. It will provide essential insights if you want your products or stores to be on people’s 2017 Christmas shopping list. If you’d like to make a presentation time for Lew to share with your Management teams through to your product and sales manager’s please contact The presentation would make a great keynote should you have any conferences you might be considering content for.