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Welcome to Energi 2.0

Energi is on the move after a change of ownership, impending move, and a new lease on life.

The only constant in life is change, and nowhere is this more apparent than when a business changes hands. Energi’s new leaders bring decades of experience in marketing, advertising, brand strategy, PR, business development and research but we knew going into this new adventure that we would need a solid team standing beside us.

Since taking ownership of Energi in July we have been hard at work getting our ducks in a row, ensuring that the team was focused and happy. Most importantly we wanted to ensure that the team bought into our vision for the business and were happy to forge ahead with us as the new owners. Similarly, we needed to reassure our clients, some of whom have been doing business with Energi for decades, that the new Energi experience and direction was going to help their businesses thrive.

Our primary objective now is to grow the business into a first-rate shopper marketing agency. We want to help our clients be more competitive throughout the demand chain, thereby making them more likely to be chosen by shoppers. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the shopper marketing world we are better able to integrate our work and collaborate with wider marketing programs and teams.

The renewed Energi team looks forward to you joining us on our onward and upward journey.

Warm regards,
Louise Henderson
Managing Director.

Introducing DemandScope™

Energi has designed a 4-D shopper marketing methodology called DemandScope™ that gives our clients the competitive edge. This approach integrates shopper demand chain analysis from multiple perspectives including business context, shopper behaviour, competitive analysis and marketplace brand presence.

In its early applicaiton, DemandScope™ has helped design a programme of activity that integrates above the line advertising and social media, with in-store merchandising and the post-purchase customer experience.

It is also being used as a diagnostic tool to review brand performance and identify demand chain opportunities for a fast-moving consumer brand that has been struggling.

Contact us if you would like to schedule an introductory presentation to DemandScope™.

Office Relocation and Holiday Down-Time

In addition to moving onwards, we are also moving upwards in 2016. Come December, Energi will move from the Ground Floor of 11 Mayoral Drive to the First Floor of the Tasman Building at 16-22 Anzac Ave, Auckland.

Over the Christmas break, our office will be closed from 24 December until 9 January 2017.