06 Oct 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

06 Oct 2017

Spring is here, my favourite blossoms are out and we can’t help but feel the end of the year finishing line is less distant. Offices all over New Zealand are planning for Christmas parties and families discussing Christmas day arrangements. Gift shopping is the conversation du jour*. When is it too early and is too late ever going to be? Are we subconsciously building our lists now off everything that pops into our inbox from OnceIt. With Lew being the father of the Christmas Shopper study you can be certain your content will be strategically sound. Go on and grab you a piece of the $6-billion Christmas-spend pie. Both Christmas and Kiwi Summer 2018 briefs have hit creative and the studio, we can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing and the cicadas singing.

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* Energi will be closing for the holidays on Friday 22 December and re-opening for business on Monday 8th January 2018.

Notes From the Retail Front Line.
September focused on the new phenomenon Groceraunts in the Energi thought leadership series ‘Notes from the retail front line’, by Lew Bentley. Featured monthly in FMCG Business magazine, the article on Groceraunts talks about the emerging trend driven by millennials who view supermarkets as a place for socialising. They are really happy to pull a pint of Craft Beer, purchase a half Chicken and Salad and enjoy dinner at the Supermarket. Read more.

The Modern Marketer, Featured in Marketing Magazine.
Damien Venuto, Editor of Marketing Magazine and winner of the Magazine Media Awards 2017 Supreme Editor of the Year award, interviewed both Lew and me in August and the article appeared in the September special Marketing Award edition. He reported on our belief that the modern marketer needs to plan for human behaviour becoming increasingly irrational in their path to purchase. Read more.

TVNZ Marketing Awards Energi Marketer of the Year
Congratulations to Douglas Swift judged by his peers as Marketing of the Year 2017 for his great work for the Automobile Association. He has smartened up a cardigan and slippers brand, as reported in the Marketing Magazine Award edition. Read more.

Luck of the Draw by Design
We know the value of a decent Shopper Marketing promotion so that is what we bought to the table for the build on our Sponsorship of the Energi Marketer of the Year. By placing coasters on the table inviting those to download our App, enter and go into the draw to win enter a $10,000 prize package of Strategic Planning with Lew we attracted the attention of some pretty savvy Marketers curious and interested in this space. Congratulations to the winner; they may well make it to onto the podium 2018.

Introducing our Intern
On September 6th we welcomed Capucine Millochau, an Advertising student from Dordonne, France. From a rural town on the outer rim of Paris, Capucine contacted Energi after searching out many New Zealand agencies as one that she would like to intern with. Within a week of arriving Capucine enjoyed her first formal function, her first experiential activation experience running the Invivo Lounge ensuring the guests participating had a memorable experience. From reaching out through the inbox in April to The Langham in Hotel in Auckland, proving we truly do live in an era of globalization.

Energi PR
Energi PR has officially opened for business. It has been in the planning since incorporating PR company Ruby Communications into Energi during 2016 and the benefits of including PR in a full communications strategy has been built into most recommendations. The Energi Gallery has had several soiree’s, media briefings and video productions and now it features a Power Plate. Working with Key Influencers and the mainstream media Energi PR is now live on beautydirectory.co.nz the PR portal for Beauty and Health, both of which intrinsic in women’s lives.

Shopper™ The Social Special Edition
If you haven’t had a chance to read the Shopper™ The Social Edition, do. There may be one or two nuggets within that inspire you to take a deeper engagement with your followers for those that do, win.

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