01 May 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

01 May 2018


The month of May presented several Autumnal Golden days and Golden moments for Energi.

We won Gold at the annual Pride in Print Awards for our Energi 2017 Christmas Initiative. This core idea emanated from the Energi Christmas Shopper Study. Play up Christmas, amplify it, leverage it as a season to celebrate and bring joy to the festive season. So the idea of the Trunk Bar containing the Christmas Cheer French Rosé Collection accompanied by a curated French soundtrack downloaded by Spotify Playlist was judged for its complete Gold Medal worthiness!

Also in May, The Royal Wedding! Viewed by 2 billion people, the event successfully teleported the Markle Sparkle from Actress to Duchess. At the exact same moment as Prince Harry released his own biography Life, Loss, and Love, our very own national treasure dubbed the Queen of Hearts, Lorraine Downes, released her Memoir: Life, Loss, Love. What are the chances of that – maybe one in 2 billion!

Pride in Print Awards – Gold

We made a wee video of the award winning Energi Trunk Bar launched Christmas 2017. Check it out!


Christmas by Design

Social Engagement

As a part of the CottonSofts relaunch we designed a game-based competition to engage customers socially. The Spin & Win Facebook game smashed the campaign objectives and put some excitement into an everyday category. To see the results and find out how we can boost your social engagement, feel free to contact Lew Bentley.


As you‘ve come to know we try our best to help where we can by supporting causes where we can. Our annual NZ Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Ribbon Breakfast was held at Energi on May 23rd hosted by the former PRB Brand Ambassador, Lorraine Downes. She shared her story of writing her best-selling book and the NZBCF CEO Evangeline Henderson bought our guests up to speed with the latest developments within the Foundation and the good work they do with the support they receive from the donations. If you missed attending a breakfast or have not had a chance to donate to such a worthy cause you can donate to our Energi Page here.

Strategy & Insight – SocialScope™

We have developed our SocialScope™ campaign analysis and reporting tool. This is designed to align Social Media performance back to strategy. It takes a holistic perspective by reviewing the operating Context, competitive Salience, Target market Desirability and their Behaviour. SocialScope™ looks deeper into Social results than the normal statistics and guides clients to a position of greater confidence with their Social programme.

If you’d like to review the purpose and performance of your Social Media programme don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Royal Warrants

In the spirit of Royal weddings and birthdays, Energi’s new team member, Strategic Planner Vishal Ponnappa, takes a look at the original family business of influence: the Royal Warrant. Read more about it here.

Employee of the month

A new initiative as we move towards the colder bleaker months of Winter, is to create a heart-warming moment. To acknowledge each month the person that really has set the bar high, pulled out their very best and to celebrate that contribution. The inaugural recipient of this award goes to Paul Bayley! His first Gold Award for his Trunk Bar design and execution in the Pride in Print Awards.


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