01 Mar 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

01 Mar 2018



March madness is driven by Uni Students returning to Campus. Other than the burden on the public transport system and inner city parking, the one thing that was a certain madness and seriously grabbed my attention while waiting at the lights on Symond St across from Auckland University Campus, was observing every second young woman commencing their University education wearing those ridiculous denim shorts, shredded with holes, letting everything hang out. I truly had a moment of clarity. The great Tip Top campaign came to mind, Undies Undies, Togs Togs. Maybe we should make those dreadful shorts the next worst fashion crime to budgie smugglers and put up a billboard across from Campus. Anyone care to sponsor it?

As March draws to an end and we begin our Easter break, take care on the roads you will be tired by now. Enjoy your family and time with friends and if you are like us, getting into a few DIY projects at home at least take Easter Sunday to chill.

Lou xx

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

As the recipient of an ASB scholarship Louise Henderson attended a two day program in early March. Held at EY in Britomart and lead by invited experts in their respective fields from CEO’s, HR experts, Lawyers, Accountants and Venture capitalists. All speakers were invited to inspire, educate and challenge the attendees to take a fresh look at their businesses. At the end of the two days each of the attendees presented a 4 minute presentation on their business, highlighting 3 things to take with them from the two days into their business, action those 3 things knowing a follow up meeting would come in the next 4 weeks.

Energi PR – Keeping our Stars Shining Bright

Louise Henderson has represented Lorraine Downes as Business Manager and Agent for nearly a decade. Lorraine stepped back from public life 5years ago to become the primary caregiver for her husband Martin Crowe throughout his journey with cancer. Martin died in March 2016. Louise has worked closely with Lorraine as she gently ventures back into public life. Louise worked with Bauer editor Marcel Gull to ensure Lorraine’s experience was flawless, elegant and rewarding for both Lorraine and for the loyal following of Simply You readers that expect nothing less than the best from Simply You. Gracing the cover of the March edition of Simply You magazine, Lorraine remains to this day a true star and role model for New Zealand women. Energi is currently  working alongside the publishing house Allen & Unwin for the release of Lorraine’s memoir Life, Loss, Love on April 22 2018.

Inside the Mind Breakfast –
Meeting Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM aka Nano Girl
As part of our community program we took a table of 10 for the inaugural MindBreakfast series. The series is the brainchild of our Tasman Building neighbours, WeAreTenzing. They offered us the opportunity to purchase a table for 10 and given the subject matter rather than taking the corporate hospitality route we took the opportunity to invite 10 female college science students to the breakfast.

The female science students from Kristin, selected by their Dean were a joy and delight to host. They asked many questions, made furious notes, and when the show was over they charged the stage and surrounded Michelle. They gained her autograph and I’m quite certain, experienced a defining moment in their education. Brooke Howard-Smith the Executive Producer of the series with his business partner Derek Handley sent a thank you note advising. Having the Kristin students attend made the event 50% better. Something to think about. What do you do to offer inspiring moments in your community?

Twenty8 Media Launch

Yesterday Energi PR launched Twenty8 to the opinion formers and leaders of the New Zealand media. This included Key Influence bloggers, and social media stars who are sharing their Twenty8 discoveries and insights with their followers.

The launch event was a success, with founder Kim Morrison having tested her range of essential oils and skincare on Australians for the last 8 years. She feels confident that the New Zealand market is now ready to receive it. Celebrating the debut of her range on her 50th Birthday which happened to be the 28th March, was the cherry on top.

PwCNZHerald Talks – Let’s Talk about Blockchain Baby

Energi client DACXI has taken Energi into the 4th Revolution: the Technology Revolution driven by Blockchain. Blockchain is essential for all business people to get their head around because it is poised to release a surge in innovation that will disrupt many different categories.

Any Energi Clients wanting to gain a further understanding of BlockChain, please feel free to contact Lew. If there is sufficient interest we will put on a seminar.

New Energi.
Introducing Belinda Bantjes.
Belinda joined Energi as our new Mac Operator. With a background in Design and work experience spanning South Africa to South Korea, she brings design aesthetic, accuracy and discipline to the rigors of problem solving through design that is truly world class.

Energi Employee Experience

Out with the old and in with the new Energi ride. EX=CX.


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