01 Jun 2018

June 2018 Newsletter

01 Jun 2018


Mid-Winter Christmas

From Queen’s Birthday, kicking off June with the news of Dames and Knights creating the water cooler talk around the country, through the Mid-Winter Solstice along comes the Mid-Winter Blues. June has seemed like an incredibly long month! One thing is for certain, no matter what, in business, you are either working on the business or in the business. At Energi we believe it is our role to keep our finger on the pulse and share insights we gather as we go from month to month. No matter how cold and wet it is out there, we soldier on!

Lou xx

Merry Christmas Shopping

Christmas is the largest shopping event of the year. It spans 3 months and creates nearly $6 billion in retail sales in December alone. While you might think you know about Christmas, this study is sure to surprise you with how kiwis look at Christmas and what they do with their present buying, celebrations and holidays.

To make a time for a presentation for your marketing team contact stephanie.perrett@energi.co.nz. Bring in your checklist, wish list or obstacles and we can identify opportunities in many categories to amplify the chance of your sales success.

Fine Food Show

The bi-annual Fine Food Show held at the Auckland ASB showgrounds saw 300 exhibitors vying for the attention of the Food and Hospitality industry of New Zealand. From equipment, Food Service slabs of frozen cakes, the first Non-Alcoholic Spirit to make it into Foodstuffs, thought leadership panel discussion style seminars providing a stimulation and inspiration for those that attended all or some of what was on offer over the 3 days. A personal favourite new product Blush, a rhubarb infused Gin. Made in small batches it tasted truly delicious.

Marketing Association – Digital Ethics and Privacy.
Where is the Line? A Panel Discussion

As card carrying members of the Marketing Association we attended the June networking event held at Generator in the Britomart Precinct. Attended by 50 or so Digital marketers on the subject matter of Digital Ethics it raises the question, as Marketers are we doing enough to protect our customers data? Does the customer actually care? The answer: the customer definitely does care, but the level of care depends on the level of security required. Banking would be entirely different to say a sneaker store as advised by Michael Goldfinch, Director of Hunch.

Marketing Association – Brainy Breakfast –
Driving Change with new technology.

This event was held at the Crowne Plaza at 7:00am, Wednesday June 20th, hosted by the Marketing Association and Qrious with Vincent Heeringa partner at Anthem PR. We heard from Laura Maxwell, CDO NZME on the transformation of NZME digital and how they go there through embracing the digital disruption and why organizations need to fail fast and pivot. Scott Bishop, CIO at Z Energy, presented how they shifted the business thinking towards a friction-less and loyalty-based experience for customers with the creation of the FastLane. And finally, David Jones, Business Growth and Innovation for WREDA with the results of the ‘LookSee Week’, a campaign to attract the best up and coming digital minds to Wellington from throughout the world. From a total application base of 42,000 applications they found 97 to LookSee.

TVNZ Marketing Awards – Judgement Day

Lew Bentley our Head of Planning and Insights at Energi and former Convenor of Judges for the Effie Awards headed off to the Marketing Association to participate in round one of the judging from submissions for what Marketers considered to be their best foot forward for the year.
The next round of judging is in August with the Awards night being held on September 13th at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. Energi is the sponsor of the Marketer of the Year Award.

ChatBots – zzzz’s learning

We go to school to learn to learn, and in this fast-paced digital world we need to keep our fingers on the pulse. With this aim for continous learning we created a forum 2 years ago. Each Thursday at 4:00pm we invite a guest in to present their latest NPD, insights, trends that could enhance our knowledge and recommendations. ChatBot Company, Ambit came in during June and we were so inspired they care coming back in July. If you are curious and wish to learn more contact vishal.ponnappa@energi.co.nz and feel free to join us Friday 27th July 2:00pm at Energi.

What’s Next – Dry July!

Three of us have signed up for the fundraising initiative to aid those suffering from Cancer (is there ever enough money? NO). Feel free to drop a small donation if you wish to into our pages. As of Sunday July 1 we will be abstaining from all matter of temptations.


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