01 Jul 2018

July 2018 Newsletter

01 Jul 2018



Dry July has come and gone with relatively little pain at all! Two of the team at Energi undertook the program, myself and Account Manager Penelope Blindell. Around the half-way mark our CD Paul Bayley purchased a golden ticket for me for $25.00, as a donation to the fundraising effort and that golden ticket gives you a night off Dry July, Fantastic!

We also enjoyed the release and publishing of the 2017 Christmas Shopper study. The second year in, we are beginning to see trends forming. Several presentations and bespoke recommendations later, the feedback and appreciation for this value add has been excellent. The ultimate feedback for us was from a large retail property group who used the insights from 2016 to build their Christmas Playbook. We constantly strive to find ways to add value for our clients looking to gain an advantage with demand driving strategies. The largest and longest Shopper event of the year warrants our time and investment accordingly.

Lou xx

Food Show 2018

Attending the Trade Day for the annual Food Show 2018 was an eyeopener. The amount of progress the food industry has made into the space of health and wellbeing with innovations in the functional food and beverages are to be applauded. Increased amount of new brands with innovative product offerings to satiate consumers demand with healthier eating options for everyday life was evident. The New Zealand food industry has a long way to go, but we also have a very firm foundation with brands such as ?repa a super boosting anti-oxidents drink targeting brain care, founded by Angus Brown www.drinkarepa.com Next impact play noted was the Tumeric Protein Powders for Gut Health and in the leisure space the Craft Beer category for small batch production such as Laughing Bones. They had many lined up for the taste of success. As for the experiential value adds for Shopper participation, the Spin and Win wheels were spinning and people were winning!

From the studio

Following the launch and success of New Zealand icon and Key Influencer Lorraine Downes best selling autobiography, we took the opportunity to refresh and upgrade Lorraine’s website. Take a click into memory lane if you have a moment www.lorrainedownes.com

New energi

We are pleased to announce and welcome Absolute Essential™ into the Energi fold. Winners of the Sustainable Business award for three consecutive years, Absolute Essential is the only certified organic company that sources sustainable, medicinal quality plant oils from artisan producers, worldwide. Live today on Beautydirectory.co.nz (the Beauty Industry PR portal) featuring Cell, Slim & Tone Lotion, the newest productive innovation out of the Lab of Dr Bo Hendgen. For those preparing for summer and starting to shake off the winter blues & chocolates, the detox and clean up weight management category kicks off in August www.cellslimtone.com


Looking forward, as we come out of Dry July we emerge into the Thirst of August (a very cunning line created by Lew Bentley). Tomorrow commences the 7 day countdown until Lew Bentley and I marry and merge our four sons officially becoming a modern family. I also become Lou Bentley. The auspicious date and time of our pending nuptials 08.08.18 at 8:00pm seems apt.


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