22 Dec 2017

December 2017 Newsletter

22 Dec 2017

It’s a wrap!

Thank you to those that have been following our monthly newsletters and Shopper Magazine. The team really enjoy putting them together and taking the time to share at an industry level. With our brand promise, we hope that you feel these initiatives go some way towards our goal of energizing your business.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in 2018. Have a good rest, find a sand dune to sit on, empty your head and just be present in the moment of awe and wonder at the world around you. I know I will.

Merry Christmas,

Lou xx

* Energi will be closing for the holidays on Friday 22 December and re-opening for business on Monday 8th January 2018.

Pricing – For What it’s worth
The latest article in the thought leadership series in FMCG Business ‘notes from the retail front line’ was prepared with the help from the team at Neilsen. For a copy of the Top 20 Pricing Hits (Tactics) contact lew.bentley@energi.co.nz. You will find the article in the December/January issue of FMCG Business.

VMA Awards
Graham Brazier passed away in 2015. Two weeks prior to passing away he had completed the initial recording for his album Left Turn at midnight. A group of his friends during the last 2 years raised funds which enabled the album to be produced by the legendary Alan Jensson. Debuting at #1 on the NZ Charts the album was nominated for Rock Album of the Year against competition Clap Clap Riot and Devilskin. Devilskin took out the award and we were all just thrilled that Graham’s critically acclaimed album made the cut as a finalist.

OKE Head2Head Walk
Twenty companies, including energi participated in the corporate team building and fundraising initiative walking 125km in relays of 25km around the Manukau Harbour from one head to the other. The funds raised from 2017 are used to continue to build vegetable gardens in 2018. Four were completed in 2017, all of which matured and vegetables harvested for the kids and the local community around the school.

Shopper Magazine Special Edition
We’ve combined, and edited the 4 editions of Shopper Magazine published during 2017 for you to download and read at you leisure during the holiday break. If you can glean 4 or 5 items that provide you with an insight or 2 the effort of putting it together will be worth it!READ NOW

Welcome GG
To the great delight of the team at energi, GG is the latest member to join the team.

Life through Rose Tinted Glass
Should you find yourself sitting on a sand dune enjoying the late afternoon sun, sharing a rose moment with your bestie, Lew Bentley curated a playlist to complement the moment! Take a photo of the of the red Spotify marker using the Spotify app and enjoy the playlist.


Energi 2017

It’s a Wrap
Thank you for your support during 2017 and from our work family to yours we hope you enjoy looking back as we wrap up and prepare for our family time during the holiday.

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